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About Us

Ironically, and somewhat sadly, Funeral Print Service was established out of necessity. The death of a wonderful family member found us searching for a company offering all the services we now offer. In 2008, there were none, and certainly none that could sensitively capture our love, the emotion, the sadness and the celebration of a life that was to us, heroic.

It quickly became apparent that if we wanted it done right, and on time, to a standard that captured the character, the memory and soul of this charismatic man – we would have to do it ourselves. And so we did.  Soon after we received requests to produce similarly comparable, equally sympathetic and carefully crafted work, services, stationery and materials for others.  Our scrupulously selected team and partners has grown steadily to become the best, with just one group objective:

‘To understand, develop, highlight and incorporate and perfectly capture the spirit of the person – beautifully - like it was their own family.’

It is important for us to get this not just right, but perfect and go beyond your own expectations. That’s who we are… and that’s what’s important about us.

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