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Terms and Conditions

A. This section applies to all orders:

The client is referred to throughout as ‘the client’, ‘you’, ‘your’.  Funeral Print Service is part of  Excelsior Graphic Designer Ltd.  Funeral Print Service is referred to throughout as , ‘our’, ‘us’, 'we'.

Excelsior Graphic Designers Ltd is VAT registered in England and Wales.  All invoices for Funeral Print Service will be made out from Excelsior Graphic Designers Ltd.  Items that have VAT applicable will be charged accordingly at the prevailing rate.

All designs are Copyright to Funeral Print Service or are licensed by Excelsior Graphic Designers Ltd.   All rights are reserved. Designs are not to be reproduced or transmitted in any form, by any means without our prior written permission. This includes artwork and designs created for you by Funeral Print Service. The client is responsible for ensuring that any material you ask to include in your stationery does not breach any third party copyright, and you indemnify Funeral Print Service against any action brought against us in the event of any such breach. Such material includes hymns / poetry / photographs / fonts and other images etc... We take violations of our copyright and / or licenses very seriously and will take action if it is found that our copyright / licenses have been breached. We reserve the right to use any stationery we create for you to promote our products and services.

Data protection
Funeral Print Service will not disclose any information you provide to any third party unless specifically agreed in advance by you. This includes testimonials that use your surname, for any other purpose than Funeral Print Service's own marketing. You may decline us permission for this if you so wish please let one of our team know on ordering.

Funeral Print Service will take all reasonable precautions to keep the details of your order and any payment received secure. Unless we are negligent, Funeral Print Service cannot be held liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorised access to information provided by you.  Funeral Print Service  shreds all confidential waste using an office shredder.

Where stationery is handmade, there may be slight variations in each item. All materials are subject to availability; however any changes to the proposed materials will be discussed with you before your invitations are produced. Furthermore, Funeral Print Service cannot guarantee continuity of colour/materials especially if separate orders are placed for the same stationery design. If the product specifications from our suppliers change Funeral Print Service will endeavour to offer an alternative of the same or better quality at the same price as your initial order.

Deposit and Payment
Payment must be made in full at time of ordering.  Funeral Print Services uses accepts debit, credit cards (subject to a 3% surcharge) and BACS,  to process your payments. Any changes to Funeral Print Services prices will be advertised on the website where this is relevant.

Order Process

Order of Service designs and other funeral related stationary are as seen online, and are produced using materials as described with the product description. In the unlikely event that we may need to change our suppliers or source alternative materials we will discuss this with you prior to production of your order.

Wording: Text can be supplied to us either by email at or as hard copies - we will typeset this for you. Text for funeral print stationery should be typed clearly in a Microsoft Word document or an email. Please type in upper and lower case as required. Funeral Print Service is not responsible for typing, spelling or other errors in the text you have supplied. One page should layout what you require on each page of your stationary. If ordering two or more items please lay them out in different Word files.

Proof Stage: Proofs of all items containing text will be submitted to you via e-mail before stationery goes into production. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of these proofs before confirming your acceptance. Any physical proofs submitted to you must be signed, dated and returned to Funeral Print Service before stationery can be produced. When proofs have been submitted to you by e-mail you may confirm that proofs are correct and ready to print via email. This will be taken as your agreement that the proofs are correct, and any changes to the design after this stage may incur additional costs.

We will provide you with up to 3 sets of proofs (an initial set of proofs followed by 2 rounds of changes) for your approval before printing. Additional changes/proofs are charged at £15 each. Proofs will be emailed to you as a full colour or black and white PDF file.  All printed proofs are provided on standard paper therefore these will not be an exact match to your finished stationery due to the different printing methods involved. You must print this file, check it and ensure that your proof is correct. You should list any changes, in order, clearly, in a Microsoft Word document or email and email them to us (please refer to the proof we should make changes to by its file name). When you are satisfied with your proof(s) you should email us your approval, listing the file names of the proof(s) you approve, in order for printing to commence. Once your emailed approval to print has been received we will send your order to print. If you make any changes to your proofs after your approval to print has been received you will be charged for these on the basis of time spent plus any costs incurred by Funeral Print Service. Funeral Print Service cannot be responsible for any errors in your stationery not spotted by you at the proofing stage.

When the client has requested custom designs Funeral Print Service will produce your stationary that meet your perceived requirements. Funeral Print Service will work with you to produce your stationary.  If you require additional samples made, Funeral Print Service reserves the right to charge an additional fee of £10 per page for total redesign. Once the final order is agreed the order will be confirmed on a contract that will include these terms and conditions. Please ensure you discuss any special colour or texture requirements with Funeral Print Service at this stage. Any additional costs incurred during the design stage will be added to your order form and detailed thereon. Funeral Print Service may occasionally experience difficulties purchasing materials. In the unlikely event that we may need to change our suppliers or source alternative materials we will discuss this with you prior to production of your order.

All orders placed with Funeral Print Service are done so on the understanding that delivery dates are approximate and are subject to availability. We endeavour to deliver your order within 72 hours from receipt of signed proofs. Funeral Print Service reserves the right to charge an additional express order fee. You will be advised accordingly by a member of the team.

If we fail to deliver your order within the required timescale or agreed date, for reasons within the control of Funeral Print Service and Funeral Print Service is deemed liable to you and our liability shall be limited to the value of the stationery order. If we fail to deliver your order within the agreed timescale or agreed date, for reasons beyond the reasonable control of Funeral Print Service, we shall not be deemed liable to you.
Delivery will be made through Royal Mail Special delivery; however Funeral Print Service reserves the right to use alternative carriers. Whilst every effort is made to package your stationery securely and safely Funeral Print Service cannot be held liable for loss or damage whilst in transit. For this reason all orders dispatched in this way shall be covered by postal insurance.

Returns alterations and cancellations
Any stationery orders cancelled prior to receipt of signed proofs will incur a charge equal to 50% of the order total. Any orders cancelled after receipt of signed proofs will be charged at the full value of the order.

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