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Thank you cards

A personal  opportunity to pass on gratitude and sincere thanks to those who may have attended, helped or imparted support and memory that made the occasion so memorable, unique or perhaps just easier. The Thank you card goes beyond just appreciation – it can create new connections, peace, healing, closure or friendship at a most poignant time. Thoughts and wishes can combine and connect with hearts and minds that may be spread across the country and globe. This is why here at Funeral Print Service we endeavour to create the perfect resolution that meets you specific and unique needs.




An Ideal opportunity to say "thanks" to those people who have truly helped in this difficult time.  Also makes a beautiful keep sake. 


Silk                                    Matches our Birch range

Premium                         Matches our Willow and Walnut range

Elegant                            Matches our Sycamore and Maple range

Pearlescent                    Matches our Oak, Chestnut and Aspen range


A myriad of emotions can be galvanised through simple gestures. Our Thank you cards are designed to carry not just messages, but thoughts, feelings and memories.                                     

                                           50 copies          100 copies       150 copies     200 copies     250 copies

Silk                                    £105.00                £119.00             £123.00          £142.00          £160.00

Premium                         £109.00                £129.00             £138.00          £162.00          £180.00

Elegant                            £113.00                £137.00             £168.00           £210.00         £215.00

Pearlescent                    £143.00                £162.00             £213.00          £264.00          £315.00


The Thank You card will follow the theme and style of the Order of Service and Announcement Card.

To see our full range of Thank You cards please click here.

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